What I do

One on one private crypto educational sessions.

Virtual / Call / In-Person

3 hour sessions with brief follow up calls will leave you feeling ready and safe to start investing in crypto by yourself

Traveling to Conferences non-stop to consult, analyze and invest with technology entrepreneurs.








Tokenizing Assets

Any security, equity, debt, royalty streams (i.e. % of revenue), etc. can be tokenized during the capital raise process in order to fractionalize assets and bring assets to the market that traditionally have not been available to investors.  

Please reach out to me and click below to learn more about tokenizing your assets.


Conferences Attended

    • New York
    • Los Angeles
    • Silicon valley
    • San Francisco
    • Boston
    • Chicago
    • Las Vegas
    • Miami
    • Toronto, Canada
    • Bermuda
    • Nassau
    • Bahamas
    • London, UK
    • Davos, Switzerland
    • Tel Aviv, Israel


    World Crypto Conference

    Vegas Blockchain Week 2019 will bring thousands of digital currency and blockchain technology enthusiasts into the heart of the Las Vegas Strip for a multitude of events and experiences. 


    Merri Silverstein is an Angel Investor who has studied and invested in many start ups. Her drive has brought her to also join a V.C. fund, advise start ups, mentor women in STEM and has a great understanding of our present fiat and the future of digital currency. With two degrees in the sciences, Merri’s passion is captivating and she is looking forward to bringing more women into Blockchain through various sources of media. She has written articles on Crypto, been interviewed live and interviewed over 20 start ups for a TV pilot. She is passionate to see changes for a better world.



    Merri explains what bitcoin is.

    Merri discusses bitcoin, gold and dollar.



    Bitcoin, Here To Stay… Here’s Why!

    Invented in 2009… 2010–8–10 thousand users 2012–80–90 thousand users 2014–1 million users 2016–9.5 million users By the end of 2018, over 172 Million bitcoin wallets exist!

    No more pennies, let’s go digital

    The US Mint lost $69 million making pennies last year 8.4 billion pennies were minted. This has been bothering me for years. Why on Earth do we still make pennies that cost more than a penny and waste our tax payers’ dollars?

    Women can make money in Crypto. Don’t let the men make all the money!

    As a woman, I am observant of the things and the world around me. For the past few years, I kept on hearing the word “Bitcoin” and I thought it was a trend. A trend, which I could both ignore, and a word, which would just go away.


    Watch and see how blockchain will revolutionize the advertising industry

    Rune custody/wallet builds the consumer products and enterprise infrastructure for a new financial system based on cryptographic proofs instead of trust

    AR (by NexTech) will change the way you use technology forever

    Shark chain Tv pilot




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